EARN $6M to $60B via the $24T Opportunity

Earn $6M to $60B Annually!

You are invited to join Countertrade’s $24 trillion global opportunity as a representative or licensee in your country, state, region, or city. As a Countertrade licensee, you could earn $6 million to over $60 billion annually with minimal effort, as 100% of the work is done for you.

Countertrade’s $24T Opportunity

Countertrade aims to connect 2 million companies across 200 countries in the next 24 months, helping each company scale its sales revenue and business value by 10 to 100 times. With 2 million companies generating an average of $12 million in sales revenue, Countertrade projects a total transaction volume of $24 trillion by 2026. A 10% transaction fee on this volume will result in $2.4 trillion revenue, to be distributed among Countertrade’s licensees and stakeholders.

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